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Lecture Topics Include:

Mountain Rescue
Avalanche Safety and Rescue
Backcountry/SAR Medical Kits
Get Out! Evacuation from the Wilderness
Hypothermia/Environmental Emergencies
Chest and Abdominal Trauma
Spine Injuries - Selective Spinal Immobilization
Combat Medicine (TCCC) / Tactical EMS (TEMS)
Excited Delirium & Behavioral Emergencies
ACLS Pearls
Altitude Illness
New EMS Technologies
Ropes and Knots
Medical Oversight for EMS/Wilderness Groups
Shh! Don't Tell the EMS Medical Director


Upcoming Lectures

February 23-25, 2017
Six Emergency Medicine Lectures

Will Smith , MD will present the following lectures: Emergency Medicine in the Snow (#16426) Excited Delirium and Other Behavioral Emergency Bedtime Stories (#16240) Bringing Combat Medicine to the Streets of EMS (#16232) Mountain Medicine: Where Ambulances Can't Go (#16298) New and Developing EMS Technologies (#16300) Lightning Strike MCI at 13,000 feet (#16299) Emergency M MORE >>

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Lecture Archives

January 13, 2017
First Response in Cold Weather Accidents

www.outdoormedicine. MORE >>

26-29 October 2015
Lightning Strike MCI at 13,000 feet

Lightning Strike MCI at 13,000 feet On July 21, 2010 three parties of climbers were struck by lightning near the summit of the Grand Teton (13,770 feet/4075 meters). The ensuing rescue was the largest single rescue effort in Grand Teton National Park history. MORE >>

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